Ukrainian Pysanky (Easter eggs) are an ancient form of Ukrainian folk art. They are an integral and cherished tradition in every Ukrainian household. Pysanka is derived from the Ukrainian word pysaty, meaning "to write". The designs are written or drawn on an egg with melted beeswax.

The art of creating pysanky is a long process and requires a steady hand, time, and patience. It begins with the selection of a clean smooth egg.

You will need a candle, beeswax, and a tool, called a �kistka'. The kistka is a small wooden dowel with a hole drilled through one end where a small copper funnel-like cone is inserted and wrapped securely by copper wiring.

The egg must be at room temperature. If the egg is cold or even cool, when the wax is applied, it can affect the outcome of your pysanky. Eggs, like our skin, are porous. When the egg is covered with wax it fills the pores preserving the color that has been applied. Beeswax is used in pysanky because it is a softer wax and will cling to the egg, unlike paraffin wax which will peel off of the egg surface.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


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